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Plumbing for Phillip Johnson comes as family tradition. By working for his father, Carl E. Johnson, and attending the Cabell County Vo-Tech Center for HVAC, Phillip has continued this tradition. He has held his Master Plumber’s licensure for 15 years but has over 30 years experience working in this trade.

With a dedication to helping others and the desire to problem solve, Phillip started his plumbing company in December of 2002. Since then he has built an image in the community which reflects professionalism, honesty, hard work, and accountability. He and his employee’s strive to please and help their customers the way his father did and his father before him.

Phillip (Shorty) loves his family, his church, ( and if you ask his daughter’s) his work.

So, next time you have a plumbing need…let Shorty do it.

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